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Bridge loan for
small to medium sized developers
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Express Building (EB) Financing

is a short-term developer bridge loan to quickly build a pre-sold home and scale a development pipeline

*UWI is a consultant and not the lender

When do developers use EB Financing?
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Use Cases
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Built Home
Bridges the bank mortgage disbursement delay to the residential developer
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Home to be Built
100% construction financing to residential developers for pre-sold units with preapproved mortgages

Different ways for Developers to finance the construction of a home

Loan TypeScalableLTC (1)Max LoanAPRCollateral
Express BuildingYes100%<72% of Home Price15% - 24%POA (2)
Investor EquityNo<80%<80% of Project Cost20% - 36%n/a
ConstructionNo<80%<80% of Project Cost13% - 36%Fixed Asset
Multi-purposeNo<70%<75% of Collateral13% - 36%Fixed Asset
ContractorNo<70%<80% of Collateral13% - 36%Fixed Asset
  • (1) Loan-to-Construction Costs
  • (2) Power of attorney allowing uwi to step-in during a default to do the following:
    (1) finish construction(2) sell the unit(3) repay back lenders
Disclosure statement on Loan/Credit Transaction Document
Express Building Financing is a secured bridging loan

Express Building Loan Terms

  • Amount = 100% of approved construct budget
  • Loan term = Validity of SP3K
  • Interest-only monthly payments, principal is due at maturity

*SP3K: Surat Penegasan PersetujuanPenyediaan Kredit (Letter of Confirmation of Credit Provision Approval)


  • 1
    Developer submits business documents
  • 2
    Upon approval, Developer submits post-approval requirements
  • 3
    express building image
    Developer receives funds

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