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Bridge loan for
small to medium sized developers
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Express Building (EB) Financing

is a short-term bridge loan to bridge the delay between the issuance of NOA / LOG and the bank home loan take-out.

*UWI is a broker and not the lender

When to use EB Financing?
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Use Cases
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Built Home
Bridges the bank mortgage disbursement delay to the residential developer
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Home to be Built
100% construction financing to residential developers for pre-sold units with preapproved mortgages
Disclosure statement on Loan/Credit Transaction Document
EB Financing is an unsecured loan

Express Building Loan Terms

  • Amount = 100% of approved construction budget or total amount needed as stated in LOG/NOA
  • Loan term = Validity of LOG/NOA
  • Interest-only monthly payments, principal is due at maturity

* can be extended a maximum of 60 days provided an extension letter from issuer of LOG/NOA is presented / no prepayment penalty

How it works

  • 1
    Developer submits business documents
  • 2
    Upon approval, Developer submits post-approval requirements
  • 3
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    Developer receives funds

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